Supercrook Blues (demo version)

Deg and X had a chorus for the title. I can remember writing these lyrics at JSP's house in Clarkenwell, sitting at her big desk, with its views over Clerkenwell, before it became trendy. The house was built on one of the last remaining bomb sites in London and designed by the architect Piers Gough. The lyrics all fit together in one of those perfect jigsaw puzzle ways. Deg astounded me when he claimed “Malaya” did not rhyme with (as he pronounced it) “Mar BELLA”. I liked the Aerosmith, Run DMC bit, obviously their starting point. Deg came up with a fiery vocal for once after a barren patch. 

Space Punk Candy Man

Another Somerset 2001 demo. Starts off promising. Isn’t that Sinatra saying “Good evening”? A song that did not make Pirate Space. We obviously never got to the guitars!

Electronic Rock and Roll (long demo)

We really recorded many versions of this track in Somerset around 2001. I was trying to somehow define everything Sputnik stood for, of how we tried to create the ultimate Electronic Rock and Roll band.  

Missed an episode?: Sputnikworld Soundcloud.