Moroder had now moved to live in L.A and we flew out to work on the next record only days after the end of the UK tour. I went via NYC.... by Concorde of course.

When I was a kid growing, up my father worked in the aircraft industry, working for so many years on that beautiful aeroplane and even though he never flew in it himself, he was so incredibly proud when I did. I loved Concorde and every moment of my time was precious was how I justified it. I sure flew a lot on EMI’s dollar, we all did, but of course we all paid in the end.

Neal X had flown out to Los Angeles a week early to supervise the programming of the album tracks. I felt as if we were in Hammer of the Gods the Zeppelin book. There's something so magical about that limo ride in from LAX to the city, listening to American radio.

The station KROQ had been mad for Love Missile and were playing it all the time. We hooked up with Pam Turbov and Matt Dike, from the record label “Delicious Vinyl’ who were both big fans of the band. They came to the group’s first rehearsals in LA some months later. Matt went on to produce a huge hit "Do the Wild Thing" for Tone Loc in his bedroom studio.

However good it felt to be in the city of dreams, it felt also very strange to be creating Sputnik’s neon nightmare in the Californian sunshine.