I came back to rehearse for the Albert Hall gig. It was a monster project and I was basing it on the film Rollerball. At the rehearsal rooms I could not believe how many people we were employing. There was an entire TV crew in white lab coats, an articulated lorry just for the CRT monitors to make up the video wall, satellite dishes feeding in live TV from Russia, video monitors as well as audio monitors so the band could see... and I was going to film the whole thing on a 7 camera shoot. It was a massive operation.

The gig at the Albert Hall went off perfectly to a packed crowd. It truly was an amazing spectacle the likes of which had never been seen before.

Then we were taking this whole operation straight to New York and L.A after the London show. Flying all those people out too. Don’t ask..... it used up a huge chunk of money, but it was worth it because it was so new, it was revolutionary and it was great. I felt we were back on form, setting a new agenda.

The album ‘Flaunt It’ finally came out and went straight in at number 10 in the charts. That was good too. It was selling everywhere. It went platinum in Brazil.