CHAPTER 16: Dystopian Future - NOT!

I just needed a promo video to go with the song Success.

Remember how great and ahead of its time the Love Missile promo was? That Neon lit Blade Runner Dystopian future it conjured up? It was amazing, the computer graphics, the voice overs, the dub effects. I simply couldn’t better it.

The first idea I came up with this time was good and ironic and funny. I announced I would film 100 famous people all simply saying the word “Success”. They would be cut together on top of the song, the famous voices obscuring the music underneath to make an anarchic mash up, like a TV news documentary. Very Sputnik. I was pleased with myself as it would mock the track as well as selling it which was Very Me.

The Vixens and me were immediately equipped with portable video cameras and we went to parties. Everyone was up for it. I filmed Kylie and Rick Astley straight away back at PWL studios for an ironic twist. Simon Le Bon, Lemmy, Donny Osmond, S Express, Actors Thesps, TV people and chancer celebrities were all there. I got my hundred faces. Genius. The only trouble was, because we shot everything at night in clubs and parties it all looked badly lit and a bit amateurish and dark. Those cameras were hopeless in low light in those days.

Maybe another element was needed I concluded.


In a single, mis-judged idea, I destroyed the whole image of Sputnik....

Tony James and Duffy, Marbella ’88