One Last Thing...

As I look back at all the video footage, the laughing, confident faces of the band, it makes me realise just what a great band it was that we created and what great times those were. The best Rock and Roll times of our lives.

At those final shows in Brazil, in huge auditoriums, everyone had a real command of their instruments and the music. They had all truly learnt to play brilliantly.

I hope that everyone in Sigue Sigue Sputnik at that time will look back at the music, the friendships and the dreams that became reality with the same fondness and positivity that I do. I hope they hold that unique moment special in their hearts and love it for what it was - something extraordinary, something that happens just once in a lifetime. I don’t regret one moment of that time and I send my love to everyone involved in the whole of the ride - whatever else it was, and whatever it turned out to be - it was the time of our lives and you were all absolutely a part of it.