I’ve watched fame corrupt sweet talented friends. I’ve watched some of those friends become unable to function unless they smoke dope all day. I’ve watched some of those sweet friends turn into grasping, me me me monsters who expect everything for nothing. I’ve watched talented friends turn to Heroin and I’ve watched too many of those die because of it.  

But then many have come back from the brink, returned to the light and tamed those demons. You just never know.

I can honestly say, for my part, I can look back today having learnt so much about life. Did I pass God’s test? I believe I put in everything I could and I’m still trying. I worked hard every day. I believed. I never screwed anyone or knowingly stabbed anyone in the back.

I am thankful every day that I’ve reached this time in my life with so much achieved and so many dreams fulfilled. And it’s not over yet.....

Tony James

Summer 2013